AI - Just an Industry Buzzword or the Key to your Business Growth?

You don’t have to go very long without hearing someone mention “AI” these days. It’s everywhere. From our friend Elon creating physical robots under his Tesla umbrella, to computers that are starting to think and feel like humans. The rate of development of this “artificial intelligence” is frightening and will only exponentially speed up from here. The ability for machines to learn, adapt and respond in an intelligent way is here to stay.

Unlocking the Power of AI

Like anything in the world we live in, AI will be used for wrong doing that’s for sure. But, it is a powerful area that could genuinely do a lot of good in a lot of areas of our lives. It won’t be taking away people’s jobs anytime soon, as the media predicts. What it provides is the potential to increase efficiency and accelerate growth in organisations who adopt it right. And it’s much more than ChatGPT which we’ve heard so much about…. (I think most teenagers homework is now proudly powered by ChatGPT!)

Cutting through the jargon

It’s easy to get lost in a world of jargon around AI and let’s face it, most of the articles we all read about it have probably been written by AI anyway… so it’s AI creating a script for its part in its show. Here at Bullet, we still believe any conversation starts with looking at an organisation and its processes. Looking for ways to use tech to be more efficient. AI just provides a new tool in our box and it’s an incredibly powerful one.

What is a Discovery Workshop?

A fresh-eyes, high-level view of your processes could identify some quick wins. It could be as simple as automating a manual process, sharing data online instead of offline, allowing 2 systems to talk to each other. We can look at how AI could just take away some of the tedium associated with some tasks, or provide a layer of intelligence to help you (or your customers) make informed decisions.

Helping organisations identify and execute ways to be more efficient by improving key workflows or processes, is what we love. Right now we are offering businesses and organisations a chance to claim a FREE 1/2 day consultancy workshop with one of our senior consultants. During this session, we’ll chat through how your business works, its key workflows and gather information to help us come up with realistic and doable suggestions on how to make you even better.

What’s involved:

  • Up to half a day with one of our senior consultants, either online or in person
  • High-level discussion around your organisation workflows, aims and goals
  • A look at the systems and processes you currently use
  • An introduction on the power of AI and how it could help make you even better (if applicable)
  • After the session, we’ll create a report for you outlining our thoughts and potential ways to improve your processes

How could AI help our organisation?

We've put together some examples of how AI could help you, but really the possibilities are endless.

Health & Wellbeing

  • Use client/patient data to help predict need for an intervention
  • Monitor health statistics and use to offer automated advice to clients/patients
  • Reduce need for staff training in a care setting by analysing care notes to offer qualified advice on patient care
  • Automatically trigger advice or messaging to “at risk” patients/carers based on logged activity

Legal, Insurance & Financial Administration

  • Scan documents for language associated with nature of case
  • Assess risk associated with underwriting an insurance policy (to save manual reading of files)
  • Use financial data, behavioural habits to predict financial scenarios for customers
  • Automate workflows based on qualified decisions

Lifestyle & Travel

  • Use niche datasets to power personalised recommendations to people without deep knowledge of subject matter
  • Deliver travel itineraries based on user preferences or social media activity
  • Shape fitness or meal plans around personalised user data
  • Motivate users with personalised messaging based on user data and activity
  • Dynamic pricing of products based on real user interaction

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