Building a new tool for your organisations need not be scary, we'll simplify and lead the whole process. We've got experience covering a wealth of sectors and pride ourselves on being able to understand complex processes and create tools to save you time and money.

Understanding users

We don’t like to think of ourselves as software providers. Rather, we are defining a digital solution to help you work smarter. A key part of this is understanding the end users – who will be using the tool we build. Consulting with these users and how they currently do things is a vital step.


From here we’ll create a clickable prototype of the application, mimicking how the real tool will work. What it allows is the end users to click about and feedback on how this would work for them. Iterating around this prototype means we can evolve ideas quickly, validate screen options and reach a point where you are fully aware of what we are building.

Developing your solution

All too often in our industry you’ll be given long, text heavy specifications to read and sign off. End users are not technical architects so we should not treat you as such. We believe our visual prototyping process allows you to get a genuine feel for what you’ll be delivered. And for us it forms the base from which we can prepare our own specification. We can then get our heads down and develop the tool. Once built, we’ll work with you on a full testing and refining phase before planning launch.

Security, Data Protection – we’ve got it covered

With experience across building applications for Public Sector, NHS organisations, large corporations and small business, we understand the importance of keeping your data secure. You can be assured we’ll apply the necessary industry or organisation specific standards to any web application we build. We use the latest development tools and techniques to ensure all our work is backed up, tested and stored securely. We’ll be on hand to advise and lead in terms of hosting, support and migration of existing data.

In reality, we can build a web application around almost every process or workflow (well, within reason).

In the last few years we have helped:

– A university streamline their admissions process
– An umbrella company move all their offline spreadsheets online, allowing rapid business expansion
– A legal insurance firm to bring an online policy management system to their clients
– A training consultancy to assess candidates through an online system, allowing real time reporting on performance
– A public health team to centralise all their client data across a range of health services
– A global corporation build a talent and training management system


We can develop bespoke modules or add-ons, enabling existing systems to work more efficiently for you.

Understanding the systems you have

Organisations often have a variety of systems they use to manage all aspects of their business. Consolidation or change around key systems is not always possible. However, many modern tools now allow data transfer in and out via APIs. We’ll help you look at the systems you currently rely on and how you use those tools.

Identifying problems, delivering solutions

Working with real users, we’ll spend time understanding where pain points exist or where efficiencies could be gained. We’ll look at options around how data could be passed from one system to another or how workflows within the organisation could be automated. Perhaps an HR system could benefit from talking to a learning management system? Or, recruitment applications could feed into your CRM?

Monitoring usage, evolving around need

We’ll always balance feasibility, budgets and timescales when recommending solutions. Using the latest technologies we’ll build add-ons or connectors between systems to allow you to work more effectively. We’ll monitor any solution we implement and be there to improve it around real usage. The longer we work with you the more we can understand your organisation and help shape further changes.


Developing a solution is only half the challenge in our opinion. The real skill lies in being able to understand how an organisation works, how they do things and helping to work out how digital technologies could transform how certain processes or workflows are completed. Our senior team are digital consultants with over 20 years experience across a wide range of sectors.

Understanding your processes

It could be you have a maze of Excel spreadsheets that service your data handling needs or you have to manually move data between 2 systems. These processes might work for you but they could be limiting expansion? Perhaps operational knowledge is held in the heads of a few, could this be a risk to the business?

Help to create efficiencies

We’ll help you identify where efficiencies could be made and shape a roadmap for how a web application or small piece of web development be carried out to solve the problems you face. We’ll always consider budgets and other constraints and often recommend existing, 3rd party tools can be implemented for you, as well as creating bespoke tools.

Developing a long-term relationship

Having spent time with you as an organisation and worked with you, it would be a shame to throw all that knowledge away. Anything online should evolve and this is even more so in the case of digital solutions. We want to become an extended part of your team. As you start using your new tool(s), you’ll see improvements that can be made and face scenarios that perhaps have not been fully considered. Similarly, your business could change direction. In any case, we’ll be on hand for regular reviews and consulting around the evolvement of your digital needs.

Could we help transform how you do things?

If you think we might be able to help you or even if you just wanted a chat to better understand how we do things, then please do get in touch.

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