A centralised workflow for all temp recruitment into Medway Council

Creating efficiency and ensuring the right people were put forward to the right roles

The challenge

MCG Recruitment was created within the trading arm of Medway Council as a commercial recruitment agency, tasked with supplying all temp appointments into Medway Council, as well as offering the same service to other organisations both locally and further afield. A fundamental part of commercialising this strand of the business was being able to report on the activity and ensure KPIs were being met. Recruitment of temps from within the council had historically been done with limited data management and quality control. Efficient processes and central access to operations would mean the MCG Recruitment team could concentrate on maximising gains from the roles they filled.

Creating the right solution

Our first job was to look at what solutions existing out there. We found several bits of software that could have encompassed about 75% of the needs but license costs, missing features or complexity meant none were viable options. We proposed a solution built around the processes the team undertook. Looking at each process and stage of the key workflows, we came up with an application prototype that allowed the team to easily create assignments for clients, search for potential temps to fulfil roles and create the contract between client and temp. Automating key steps was important and allowing the temp worker, assignment manager and MCG team access to the system we created was going to be vital.

Our Solution

One place for everything

We designed and built a secure online web application to manage all operational activity within the MCG Recruitment business. All assignments to fill were created in the new tool and all temp workers added as a pool of people to put forward for roles. As a web-based application, specific areas were opened up for access by assignment managers and temp workers to allow them to manage aspects of their profile, role, timesheets and more. MCG Recruitment could then oversee all activity and validate information before key operational tasks such as invoicing or payroll were performed. Integration with finance and payroll systems was an important part of the solution too.

Simplifying processes

Filling a role involves several steps both in terms of recruiting a candidate and during the lifespan of that assignment. We looked at ways we could simplify key steps within these workflows. Using a tagging system and compliance checks on temp workers we could automatically recommend suitable people for a role. Managers could then easily review CVs and select the appropriate person for the role. During the assignment workers had access to a simple portal interface to upload timesheets and log expenses. Notifications and reminders to workers and managers, ensured that timesheets were entered and approved in time for monthly payroll runs.

Handling key workflows

Along with managing key aspects of assignments and their lifespan, the system also handled the invoicing to clients and payroll run for temps. Once a month, MCG Recruitment can run both invoicing and payroll runs based on submitted and approved hours & expenses. This information was then generated in a format ready for direct import into their Sage Finance system and external payroll service. Integration with a postcode lookup service and through use of Google Maps API, we were able to ensure addresses entered were accurate and mileage claims correct.

Some Highlights

We continue to work closely with the MCG team to evolve the tool and shape it around their needs to ensure we maximise efficiency within the team and minimise the administrative burden on them.

Key features included:

  • Onboarding tour for temp workers to ensure they engaged with the new portal
  • Automated notification system for timesheet reminders
  • Payroll and invoice data exported in formats ready for import into external systems
  • Full audit trail around assignment activity
  • Handling and approval processes around input of timesheets and expense claims
  • Full tagging system for ease of finding suitable workers
  • Compliance checklist allows automated reminders to be sent when key certificates expired

We are now working on a further development phase to enable MCG Recruitment to manage fulfilment of permanent roles and also to handle the involvement of 3rd party agencies within the recruitment of more specialised roles.

SUCCESS – Efficiency maximised

As a small team MCG Recruitment saw immediate benefits from bringing all their operational data and workflows into one central tool. Through use of the new portal, new ideas and further enhancements have enabled the team to work even smarter and grow the core business.


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