09 Jul 19

We are all aware of email and how useful it is to our lives. We all use text messaging and love its immediacy; you can get a response as we carry our texting devices around wherever we are on the go.

Texting works really well. You are getting real-time responses there and then. What’s not to like about this? It works perfectly as does direct messaging on Twitter or other chat systems and applications that we use. There is an issue though…

The dreaded blackhole

I am sure you have been in the situation where you have searched for an email or even worse an old text message and really struggle to find it. Its either the search tools that are not available to you or you can’t remember who it was from or exactly what it was about. Searches fail and frustration ensues.

We are very aware of this at Bullet Web Development and when we build our online tools we know that if people are to communicate through the tool they need to

  • Have the ability to get immediate responses. Real-time engagement.
  • Be able to find or link the communication to something tangible. Make it searchable.

Our tool Smarter Traded Services™️ is built with our own chat platform that uses relevancy wherever possible to enable a context to chats. If it is a general chat between 2 users then obviously that works fine but the power comes where a user needs to communicate specific requirements or obtain advice about a subject and that conversation is linked to that subject.

Consider this scenario…

A buyer wishes to purchase a service from a provider (e.g. cleaning services) and they request a quote as it will need to be tailored to their requirements. So the buyer’s requirements have to be communicated effectively and the provider needs to be able to understand what they are.

This could be done via email or a web form but often the lack of immediacy in response can end up with the buyer waiting for a response and a potential sale has been lost whilst they go elsewhere.


If the buyer and the provider were able to communicate via an online chat platform that enabled them to discuss in real-time and with context (i.e. chat about the quote) then its obvious that the ability to turn around an accurate quote becomes much easier for both parties.

Not only that, due to power the of chat platform, they can find the thread of the discussions used to act as backup and proof of what was said. No one is left in any doubt.

In Closing…

We know by utilising our chat platform in our online tools not only do we have a great way for people to communicate in real-time but they also have a messaging system that allows hooks to things like creating quotes, or it could be to questions about an order or a product’s details. Its all held in a user’s message history which can be accessed at any point in the future. The scope is endless and incredibly useful.

Smarter Traded Services

One of our suite of tools using this approach and now available on the Government's Digital Marketplace (GCloud).

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