Supporting the apprenticeship of the future

A clever, online tool to manage apprenticeship delivery while maximising engagement between learners, trainers and employers. Built around the Government’s recent Apprenticeship Levy initiative, we’ve developed a system around the new frameworks to allow organisations to have a real-time view on their apprentices’ progress. Delivering an engaging interface for learners, the tool allows all parties to input around the apprenticeship journey. Learner record data is fed back to the ESFA to reduce administration overheard.

Smarter Apprenticeships is already being used by Training and Employer Providers across the UK. If you are interested in having a look round, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Key Features:

  • ESFA Ready
  • Simple to use (from the employer through to learner)
  • Encourages engagement between learner, trainer, and employer
  • Snapshot reporting across programme delivery
  • Manage and oversee apprenticeships across your whole organisation
  • Built around the Government’s new apprenticeship standards