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Understanding complex processes

We were introduced to Temple Legal over 6 years ago and tasked with helping create an online system to allow solicitors (their clients) to manage legal insurance policies online. In the past all policies were created in-house and any changes, claims or payments also handled internally. This obviously created an overhead both for Temple Legal but also for their clients.

Efficiency to enable growth

Temple Legal are always striving to stay ahead of the competition and they saw an opportunity to create an online management system which could allow clients to set up policies and update as required. All data would then feed into internal systems and lessen the burden on the admin team. This would allow the business to grow further.

Our Solution

Involving Temple's team was a vital part of our success. Understanding how they carried out key tasks and interacted with clients was invaluable to help shape a system to their business.

Through working with Temple Legal, we had to understand the complexity of their business and intricacies around workflows. Before starting on any code writing, we spent a lot of time with the team there. This discovery phase culminated in a detailed specification and wireframes of all key workflows. From here we could start on the application build.

From a basic system with a few clients, the system has grown over the years and now all Temple’s clients use and administer their cases/policies online. It’s functionality has evolved with need (and legislation changes). Regular sprints of work allow us to maintain the system as well as develop these new features.

Moreover given the nature of their business and need for a secure, robust system, we completely rebuilt the system on to a new PHP framework (Laravel). We’ve now become an extension to their IT team and feel that with their vision and our technical skills, it’s a valuable partnership.

Some Highlights

The new version of TOPS (Temple Online Policy System) has some great features which have been built around need, suggestion and using the latest techniques available to us. As a system, it is a huge platform now and manages over 400 law firms and 163,000 policies.

Key features of the latest release:

  • Management Dashboards
  • Case planner with interactive calendar
  • Sophisticated policy management with flexible calculations for ATE and BTE insurance schemes
  • Configurable Referral questionnaire modules with quote generation
  • Claim management with multi authority levels
  • Bulk policy integration
  • Back office integration
  • Claim and premium payment management

“Bullet's ability to understand our particular niche business requirements and to deliver an application which not just meets our expectations but exceeds them is a credit to both their skills as developers and in analysing business processes.”

Laurence Pipkin, Operations Director at Temple Legal Protection


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